Give a Hand to the HCIL 

The HCIL has celebrated more than 30 years. For $100 you can give the HCIL a hand to help support various lab activities. Each hand purchase will come with your name on the wall in HCIL’s new lab space.

Your donation is tax deductible. And that these donations will support students to attend conferences, publicize our accomplishments, organize events, bring guest speakers, and much more.

Hand categories: 

$100 You get a Hand on the wall
$250 You get a Hand on the wall & a crystal mouse
$500 You get a Hand on the wall & a glass keepsake

Interested in lending a hand?


Thank you for your support!
Ben Shneiderman
Jenny Preece
Jonathan Lazar
Melvin Druin
Juan-Pablo Hourcade
Jaime Montemayor
Harry & Judy Yanowitz Hochheiser
Ruby & Bill Kules
Eser Kandogan
Dana & Aviva Bederson
Gene Chipman
Claire-Marie Karat
Leshell Hatley, Greg Walsh, Mona Leigh Guha, Jerry Alan Fails, Alex Quinn, & Sheri Massey
Taowei David Wang