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EquiPSim (Equipment and Process Simulation) is an engineered learning system for education and training in the semiconductor manufacturing industry.  It emphasizes the behavior and mechanisms which underlie chemical processes, the associated behavior of equipment used to carry out these processes, and the manufacturing concepts essential to success.   EquiPSim consists of a number of modules as described below.  For beginners to this industry, it is advisable to explore them in the order shown.

Vacuum technology Establishment and maintenance of low pressure and vacuum environments; components
Gas flow Components and approaches to reactive gas flow and control in process environments
Heat transfer Radiative, conductive, and convective heat transfer mechanisms
Chemical reactions Chemical reaction kinetics and key parameters employed in semiconductor manufacturing processes
Cluster tool Purpose and implementation of multichamber processing; contamination control and process integration
Process control Methodologies for process and equipment control
Optimization and statistics Approaches to process optimization; role of statistical variation

EquiPSim has been developed under the auspices of the Center for Engineered Learning Systems
in the Institute for Systems Research at the University of Maryland, with primary sponsorship by the National Science Foundation.

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