Paovis: Parallel Aggregated Ordered Hypergraph Visualization


This project is a collaboration between INRIA, Univ. of Bari, Univ. of Sao Paulo, and Univ. of Maryland.

A hypergraph is a generalization of a graph where edges (i.e. links) can connect to more than two vertices (i.e. nodes). A dynamic hypergraph evolves over time. Hypergraphs can be used to model co-authorship networks with multiple authors per article, or networks of business partners.

We propose to represent this type of data as a Parallel Aggregated Ordered Hypergraph showing vertices on parallel horizontal bars and hyperedges as vertical lines that connect two or more vertices. The temporal evolution is shown by presenting a snapshot of the graph at multiple discrete time slots.

A prototype implementation called PAOVIS was tested using a digital humanity case study of the analysis of historical legal documents.



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