Norman, K., Slaughter, L., Friedman, Z., Norman, K., Stevenson, R.
October 2000
HCIL-2000-22, CS-TR-4192, UMIACS-TR-2000-71
This research explored dual navigation between organizational records and a computerized self-administered questionnaire. Two alternative interface designs for on-line questionnaire presentation were investigated. The form-based version of the questionnaire was divided into sections by question topic and each section was displayed as a single web page. In the item-based version, each question item was displayed individually on the screen. The navigational data collected was used to examine how participants moved between the organizational records and the questionnaire items as they completed the computerized questionnaire. Along with the navigational data, responses from pre- and post- questionnaires were analyzed. There were no significant differences in terms of accuracy, completion time, and ratings given in the pre- and post- questionnaires. However, there were significantly different navigational patterns between the two groups. Respondents in the form-based group tended to answer questions in more of a non-linear sequence. Additionally, the item-based group had more organizational record to organizational record traversals while the form-based group had more questionnaire item to questionnaire item traversals.
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