Suh, B., Bederson, B.
March 2001
Proceedings of International Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces (AVI 2002), ACM, Trento, Italy, 139-143, ACM Press.
HCIL-2001-04, CS-TR-4227, UMIACS-TR-2001-16
We present OZONE (Zoomable Ontology Navigator), for searching and browsing ontological information. OZONE visualizes query conditions and provides interactive, guided browsing for DAML (DARPA Agent Markup Language) ontologies. To visually represent objects in DAML, we define a visual model for its classes, properties and relationships between them. Properties can be expanded into classes for query refinement. The visual query can be formulated incrementally as users explore class and property structures interactively. Zoomable interface techniques are employed for effective navigation and usability.
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