Norman, K., Pleskac, T., Norman, K.
May 2001
HCIL-2001-09, CS-TR-4255, UMIACS-TR-2001-38
While completing a computerized self-administered questionnaire (CSAQ) for a business or an organization, a respondent may need to navigate between both the survey relevant database and records. Dual navigation refers to the act of navigating information records to retrieve specific information, while simultaneously navigating through the survey. In dual navigation the respondent may be either familiar or unfamiliar with the records on one hand and either familiar or unfamiliar with the survey on the other. As familiarity with the records increase, respondents dual navigation may change. In this study, two organizations were created: the University of Maryland Break Dancing Club and the University of Maryland Knitting Club. Additionally, each had a set of records for 1999 and 2000. Participants were asked to complete the same organizational questionnaire twice for the 1999 Break Dancing Club and the 2000 Knitting Club, the 1999 Knitting Club and the 2000 Break Dancing Club, the 1999 and 2000 Knitting Club, or the 1999 and 2000 Break Dancing Club. Accuracy, completion times, and navigational pattern were all recorded as well as subjective assessments. Completion times and navigational pattern varied between conditions, reflecting a transfer of training from one questionnaire to the next.
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