Immediate Usability: Kiosk Design Principles from the CHI 2001 Photo Library
Kules, B., Kang, H., Plaisant, C., Rose, A., Shneiderman, B.
October 2001
This paper has been updated and replaced by HCIL-2003-22
HCIL-2001-23, CS-TR-4293, UMIACS-TR-2001-71, ISR-TR-2005-25
This paper describes a novel set of design principles and guidelines for ensuring the immediate usability of public access systems. These principles and guidelines were formulated while developing PhotoFinder Kiosk, a community photo library. Attendees of CHI 2001 successfully used the tool to browse and annotate collections of photographs spanning 20 years of CHI and related conferences, producing a richly annotated photo history of the field of human-computer interaction. We used observations and log data to evaluate the tool and refine the guidelines. They provide specific guidance for practitioners, as well as a useful framework for additional research in public access interfaces.
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