Shneiderman, B., Kang, H., Kules, B., Plaisant, C., Rose, A., Rucheir, R.
August 2002
ACM Interactions, 9, 3 (May 2002), 17-23. [Published Version]
HCIL-2002-14, CS-TR-4397, UMIACS-TR-2002-77, ISR-TR-2005-67
For 20 years I have been photographing personalities and events in the emerging discipline of human-computer interaction. Until now, only a few of these photos were published in newsletters or were shown to visitors who sought them out. Now this photo history is going from a personal record to a public archive. This archive should be interesting for professional members of this community who want to reminisce, as well as for historians and journalists who want to understand what happened. Students and Web surfers may also want to look at the people who created better interfaces and more satisfying user experiences.
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