Rivadeneira, A., Bederson, B.
October 2003
HCIL-2003-36, CS-TR-4682
There have been several studies that compare sequential search results versus clustered search results, and graphical presentations versus textual presentations. These studies have resulted in confirmed efficiency and preference of clustering over sequential lists. The studies between graphical and textual presentations have usually shown to be task dependant. This study shows a systematic evaluation of zoomable versus textual clustered search results. A controlled experiment with repeated measures design and within-subjects differences was performed with fifteen subjects, comparing Groxis, Inc.'s Grokker – their clustering product – a zoomable user interface, their textual clustering product and Vivisimo's textual clustering product. No significant differences were found for objective measures. However, there were significant differences for subjective measures. The textual clustering interfaces was preferred and elicited major satisfaction among the users. Results are summarized in both a quantitative and qualitative format.
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