Golub, E.
March 2004
Frontiers in Education 2, FIE 2004, pp. F4E13-F4E16 [Published Version]
HCIL-2004-08, CS-TR-4665
As we have moved to a more technology-based classroom, much attention has been paid to using computers to present material. Computer-based presentations can be a powerful tool for faculty, but as more and more students are coming to class with laptop and tablet computers, attention is being paid to questioning the opportunities this could present to these students in the form of enhanced note-taking opportunities. This paper explores the idea of faculty (rather than the students) using a computer note-taking system during student presentations to support interaction, evaluation, and feedback. Good annotations and records of a presentation can assist in more organized and effective feedback both during class as well as after class. It can also be beneficial in the evaluation of grades during the assignment stage of a faculty member's work. The techniques discussed can be extended to a wide variety of student presentation assignments.
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