Kustanowitz, J., Shneiderman, B.
May 2004
HCIL-2004-18, CS-TR-4656, ISR-TR-2005-55
Frameworks for understanding annotation requirements could guide improved strategies that would motivate more users to invest the necessary effort. We propose one framework for annotation techniques along with the st rengths and weaknesses of each one, and a second framework for target user groups and their motivations. Several applications are described that provide useful and information-rich representations, but which require good annotations, in the hope of providing incentives for high quality annotation. We describe how annotations make possible four novel presentations of photo collections: (1) Birthday Collage to show growth of a child over several years, (2) FamiliarFace to show family trees of photos, (3) Kaleidoscope to show photos of related people in an appeal tableau, and (4) TripPics to show photos from a sequential story such as a vacation trip.
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