Shneiderman, B., Bederson, B., Drucker, S.
November 2007
Communications of the ACM, 49, 4, April 2006, p. 69 - 71. [Published Version]
As digital photos become the standard media for personal photo taking, supporting users to explore those photos becomes a vital goal. Dominant strategies that have emerged involve innovative user interfaces that support annotation, browsing, and sharing that add up to rich support for exploratory search. Successful retrieval is based largely on attaching appropriate annotations to each image and collection since automated image content analysis is still limited. Therefore, innovative techniques, novel hardware, and social strategies have been proposed. Interactive visualization to select and view dozens or hundreds of photos extracted from tens of thousands has become a popular strategy. And since the goal of photo search is to support sharing, storytelling, and reminiscing, experiments with new collaborative strategies are being examined.
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