Jong, C., Rajkumar, P., Siddiquie, B., Clement, T., Plaisant, C., Shneiderman, B.
November 2008
to appear in Proc. of the Digital Humanities Conference (DH 2009)
The need to compare two or more documents arises in a variety of situations. Some instances include detection of plagiarism in academic settings and comparing versions of computer programs. Extensive research has been performed on comparing documents based on their content (Si et al., 1997; Brin et al., 1995) and there also exist several tools such as windiff to visually compare a pair of documents. However, little work has been done on providing an effective visual interface to facilitate the comparison of more than two documents simultaneously. Versioning Machine (Schreibman et al., 2003) is a web-based interface that provides the facility to view multiple versions of a document, along with the changes across versions. Motivated by Versioning machine (VM), we build a tool MultiVersioner that facilitates viewing multiple versions of multiple documents at once, and provides the user with a rich set of information regarding their comparison. The primary user during the development of MultiVersioner was Tanya Clement, a doctoral candidate in English at the University of Maryland, who researches the works of experimental poets.
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