Tarkan, S., Plaisant, C., Shneiderman, B., Hettinger, A.
March 2011
Published in American Medical Informatics Association 2011 Annual Symposium Proceedings. [Published Version]
Researchers have conducted numerous case studies reporting the details on how laboratory test results of patients were missed by the ordering medical providers. Given the importance of timely test results in an outpatient setting, there is limited discussion of electronic versions of test result management tools to help clinicians and medical staff with this complex process. This paper presents three ideas to reduce missed results with a system that facilitates tracking laboratory tests from order to completion as well as during follow-up: (1) define a workflow management model that clarifies responsible agents and associated time frame, (2) generate a user interface for tracking that could eventually be integrated into current electronic health record (HER) systems, (3) help identify common problems in past orders through retrospective analyses.
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