Franklin, L., Plaisant, C., Rahman, K., Shneiderman, B.
December 2013
to appear in Interacting with Computers [Published Version]
Medical treatments carry unique benefits and risks which patients must understand in order to decide which option is best for them. Prior research has demonstrated that patients are ill-equipped to understand the statistical information presented to them through standard decision aids. We describe a prototype decision aid, TreatmentExplorer, which supports patients' needs by presenting treatment outcome, onset of symptoms, and treatment side effects using a novel graphic representation with staged animation and text-only narration. Our prototype also illustrates the use of a data driven personalization approach by using electronic health record data. We report on expert reviews, a pilot study (n=24) and a main study (n=42), which characterize the benefits of TreatmentExplorer over a text-only decision aid as well as a version without staged animation, and conclude with guidelines for designers.
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