Shneiderman, B.
Feb. 1987
Human Factors for Informatics Usability, Shackel, B. & Richardson, S., Eds., Cambridge University Press, 325-342. Also Readings in Human-Computer Interaction: Toward the Year 2000, Baecker, R.M., Grudin, J. , Buxton, W.A.S. & Greenberg, S., Eds., Morgan Kaufmann Pubs., Inc. (1995) 401-410.
HCIL-87-03, CS-TR-1776, CAR-TR-265
This review focusses on five primary interaction styles: menu selection, form fill-in, command language, natural language interaction, and direct manipulation. Each style is described, some guidelines are offered, and an airlines reservation example is shown in all five styles. Then a set of IF-THEN rules are offered to help in decision making during design. This is a first attempt that is meant to provoke discussion and encourage others to offer an extended, refined, and validated set of rules.
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