Development of an instrument measuring user satisfaction of the human-computer interface
Chin, J., Diehl, V., Norman, K.
Sept. 1987
Proc. ACM CHI '88 (Washington, DC) 213-218. [Published Version]
HCIL-87-11, CS-TR-1926, CAR-TR-328
This study is part of a research effort to develop the Questionnaire for User Interface Satisfaction (QUIS). Participants, 150 PC user group members, rated familiar software products. Two pairs of software categories were compared: 1) software that wa s liked and disliked, and 2) a standard command line system (CLS) and a menu driven application (MDA). The reliability of the questionnaire was high, Cronback's alpha=.94. The overall reaction ratings yielded significantly higher ratings for liked softw are and MDA over disliked software and a CLS, respectively. Frequent and sophisticated PC users rated MDA more satisfying, powerful and flexible than CLS. Future applications of the QUIS on computers are discussed.
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