Hypertext Hands-On!
Shneiderman, B., Kearsley, G.
Available through Addison-Wesley,192 pages + 2 PC disks.
This innovative book/software package provides the first hands-on nontechnical introduction to hypertext. Hypertext is a computer technology for manipulating information; in a grander sense, it is a new way of reading and writing. With the IBM-PC disket tes provided in this package, you will learn about hypertext by experiencing it. You will discover what it is like to read interactively, to find information according to your own needs and interests. Both the book and the software versions cover the basic concepts of hypertext, typical hypertext applications, and currently available authoring systems. They also raise important design and implementations issues. The book is self-contained an can be read from beginning to end without a computer. The software is also self-contained and, presenting hypertext in hypertext form, can be read in any order you choose. Since the two versions contain largely similar material, they provide an interesting basis for comparison between conventional text presentation and hypertext.
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