Shneiderman, B.
Sept. 1989
Proc. Human-Computer Interaction '89 (Boston, Sept. 18-22, 1989). Also Designing and Using Human-Computer Interfaces and Knowledge Based Systems, Salvendy, G. & Smith, M. J. Eds., Elsevier Science B.V. Also International Journal of Huma n-Computer Interaction (1990) 2 (1) 73-90. [Published Version]
HCIL-89-13, CS-TR-2235, CAR-TR-436
This article offers a set of goals for user interface development, followed by scenarios of future developments. The applications include home control, hypermedia, office automation, digital photography, collaborative meetings/classrooms, public access, professional workstations, and medical record keeping. Also, predictions are made for some of the underlying technologies such as User Interface Management Systems, remote control, flexible search, display devices, and touchscreens.
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