Shneiderman, B., Plaisant, C., Botafogo, R., Hopkins, D., Weiland, W.
revised May 1991
Hypermedia, vol. 3, 2 (1991)101-117. Based on Visual engagement and low cognitive load in browsing hypertext. [Published Version]
HCIL-90-02, CS-TR-2433, CAR-TR-494
This paper reviews our designs to facilitate browsing that were developed, implemented, and tested in the SUN version of Hyperties: (1) A markup language for generating highly legible documents on a large high resolution display, including legible fonts and appropriate layout. (2) Innovative solutions to link identification and selection including pop-out graphical buttons of arbitrary shape. (3) Low cognitive load operations to avoid distraction of common operations such as page turning or window selec tion. (4) We implemented several multiple window selection strategies and conducted empirical tests. We preferred piles-of-tiles, in which standard-sized windows were arranged in a consistent pattern on the display and operations could be done rapidly a nd easily so as to minimize distraction from the contents.
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