Shneiderman, B., Williamson, C., Ahlberg, C.
Nov. 1991
Video in CHI `92 Video Program (Monterey, CA, May 3-7, 1992) Available through ACM SIGGRAPH Video Review, issue 77, ACM, New York. A two page video summary appears in CHI' 92 Proceedings, 669-670. Video also available through HCIL as part of the 1992 HCIL Video Report.
This video explores the application of direct manipulation to information exploration. Specifically, it introduces the idea of a dynamic query, which empowers the user to search a database of information in the task domain while requiring minimal syntax or computer knowledge. Key features that separate a dynamic query from current information retreival systems are its direct manipulative nature, providing immediate search feedback with object interaction, and a harmonious display of the query and resul ts in a graphical environment appropriate for the task domain. Two different applications of dynamic queries are demonstrated: an education tool to explore the periodic table of elements and a hands-on system to help prospective home buyers find a home.
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