Shneiderman, B.
Sociomedia: Multimedia, Hypermedia, and the Social Construction of Knowledge, Barrett, E., Ed., MIT Press (1992) 13-26.
We can renew American education by offering students the opportunity to develop skills, experiences, and values they need to become successful individuals, workers, family members, and societal contributors. They can have fun while learning and gain sat isfaction from meaningful accomplishments. The Strategic Education Initiantive is a five year, $100 billion plan to help transform American education, provide powerful tools for teachers, promote advanced technology, and make schools more meaningul. Dynamic multimedia, novel user interfaces, powerful computing facilities, and international networks can empower teachers and students in remarkable ways. These technologies can support teachers in fostering student engagement with peers and outsiders, and construction of projects that contribute to a better world. these approaches also promote each student's self-worth while learning the subject material. I believe that as teacher effectiveness increases and learning becomes interactive, creation gen erates satisfaction, process and product become entwined, and cooperation builds community.
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