Navigating in hyperspace: designing a structure based toolbox
Rivlin, E., Botafogo, R., Shneiderman, B.
March 1992
Communications of the ACM, vol. 37, 2, (Feb. 1994) 87-96.
HCIL-92-04, CS-TR-2861, CAR-TR-606
Analyzing the structure of a hypertext database can give useful information to the traveler in hyperspace. We present a preliminary collection of structural tools for users of hypertext systems. These tools can suggest answers to questions like: Where am I ? How can I choose and get to my destination? What else is in my current neighborhood? etc. Structure is imposed on the hypertext by using two processes: hierarchization and cluster identification. Several metrics are presented and used in the above processes for locating landmarks and getting global information on the hypertext structure. The structural analysis is integrated with previous attempts to reduce the users' disorientation while navigating the hyperspace. An integration with fish eye views and tree-maps is presented.
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