Norman, K., Carter, L.
May 1992
HCIL-92-08, CS-TR-2892, CAR-TR-621
This report summarizes preliminary, informal reactions to the AT&T Teaching Theater at the University of Maryland. The AT&T Teaching Theater is an electronic classroom outfitted with a high performance workstation at each student desk and the instructor 's podium. Networking and video switching allow for interactive communication, file sharing, distributed control, and collaborative learning experiences. In addition, large screen audio/visual displays are integrated with the system to allow for smooth transitions from one presentation to another. During the Fall semester of 1991 six different courses were taught in the classroom. Instructors were asked to relate their best and worst experiences in the room in order determine what works, what doesn't, and what needed to be changed. In addition to the use of the room for student work on the large screen monitors, collaborative note building, student polling, and collaborative problem solving. The major drawbacks had to do with the need for a more sea mless flow of events, the need for pedagogical examples of how best to integrate technology and instruction, awkward and complex connectivity to out of class computer facilities, problems with computer software and hardware, and problems with room archite cture.
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