Plaisant, C., Carr, D., Hasegawa, H.
April 1993
Video in ACM INTERCHI 93 Video Program (Amsterdam, Netherlands, April 24-29, 1993), video available through ACM SIGGRAPH Video Review, issue 88-89. A one page summary also appears in INTERCHI 93 Proceedings, 518. Video also available through HCIL as part of the 1992 HCIL Video Report.
Telemedicine is the practice of medicine over communication links. The physician being consulted and the patient are in two different locations. A first telepathology system has been developed by Corabi Telemetrics. It allows a pathologist to render a diagnosis by examining tissue samples or body fluids under a remotely located microscope. Of course it would seem natural to digitize the entire specimen at the highest magnification and then leisurely explore the transmitted image. But this is not currently practical because the specimens are very high definition 3D color objects requiring too long to digitize and having impractical storage requirements. Therefore the specimen still needs today to be explored under a microscope.
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