Plaisant, C., Shneiderman, B.
May 1995
Video in CHI '95 Video Program, ACM, New York. A two page video summary also appears in ACM CHI '95 Conference Companion, (Denver, Colorado, May 7-11, 1995) 419-420. Video also available through HCIL as part of the 1994 HCIL Video Report.
We worked with the World Bank, a large international organization, to look at desktop environments of the near future. We chose to focus on a subset of problems that employees regularly have to struggle with:
  • finding people who can help
  • searching documents and resources
  • juggling many roles (e.g. a person can be in charge of three projects, member of two task forces, editor of the bank magazine, and organizer of the holiday party.)
A great deal of personal organization is required to manage these roles whose goals, partners, tools and documents are likely to be very different. The previous research on role theory [1] or CSCW focuses mainly on the coordination of individuals while our goal is to assist individuals manage their multiple roles.
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