Plaisant, C. (Editor)
June 1995
HCIL-95-17, CS-TR-3532, CAR-TR-795
49 minute video of the labs work over the past year. Topics are:
  • Introduction and table of contents - Ben Shneiderman
  • Using Dynamic Queries for Youth Services Information - Anne Rose, Ajit Vanniamparampil
  • Life-Lines: Visualizing Personal Histories - Brett Milash, Catherine Plaisant, Anne Rose
  • Dynamic Queries and Pruning for Large Tree Structures - Harsha Kumar
  • Browsing Anatomical Image Databases : the Visible Human - Flip Korn, Chris North
  • Spinning Your Web: WWW Interface Design Issues - Vince Boisselle
  • BizView : Managing Business and Network Alarms - Catherine Plaisant, Wei Zhao and Rina Levy
  • Animated Specifications Using Interaction Object Graphs - David Carr
  • WinSurfer: Treemaps for Replacing the Windows File Manager - Marko Teittinen
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