Nation, D., Plaisant, C., Marchionini, G., Komlodi, A.
May 1997
Proceedings of 3rd Conference on Human Factors and the Web, Denver, Colorado, June 12, 1997.
HCIL-97-10, CS-TR-3791, UMIACS-TR-97-41, CLIS-TR-97-08
A method is described for visualizing the contents of a Web site with a hierarchical table of contents using a Java program and applet called WebTOC. The automatically generated expand/contract table of contents provides graphical information indicating the number of elements in branches of the hierarchy as well as individual and cumulative sizes. Color can be used to represent another attribute such as file type and provide a rich overview of the site for users and managers of the site. Early results from user studies suggest that WebTOC is easily learned and can assist users in navigating websites.
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