Marchionini, G., Plaisant, C., Komlodi, A.
Information Processing & Management, 34, 5, pp. 535-555, 1998. Also French version appeared in Document numerique. 2(1), 1998, pages 53-65, Hermes, Paris.
HCIL-98-01, CS-TR-3872, UMIACS-TR-98-09
This paper describes a collaborative effort to explore user needs in a digital library, develop interface prototypes for a digital library, and suggest and prototype tools for digital librarians and users at the Library of Congress (LC). Interfaces were guided by an assessment of user needs and aimed to maximize interaction with primary resources and support both browsing and analytical search strategies. Tools to aid users and librarians in overviewing collections, previewing objects, and gathering results were created and serve as the beginnings of a digital librarian toolkit. The design process and results are described and suggestions for future work are offered.
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