Jones, T., Shneiderman, B.
July 1990
Electronic Publishing, vol. 3 (4) (Nov. 1990) 207-225.
HCIL-90-05, CS-TR-2499, CAR-TR-509
This paper describes the design and evaluation of a hypertext-based tutorial for hypertext authors. This 85-article tutorial represents an innovative application of hypertext to procedural learning. The work has been guided by Carroll's minimalist mode l, and by the syntactic/semantic model of user behavior. The usability study involved 8 subjects who studied the Hyperties Author Tutorial (HAT) for approximately one hour and then performed a set of authoring tasks in an average of 21 minutes. All user s successfully completed the tasks. As a result of the study, we provide a characterization of appropriate uses of hypertext for training, and describe the meaning of a hyper-active environment.
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