Marchionini, G., Crane, H.
April 1994
ACM Transactions on Information Systems, vol. 12, 1 (Jan. 1994) 5-34.
The Perseus Project has developed a hypermedia corpus of materials related to the ancient Greek world. The materials include a variety of texts and images, and tools for using these materials and navigating the system. Results frem a three-year evaluation of Perseus use in a variety of college settings are described. The evaluation assessed both this particular system and the application of the technological genre to information management and to learning. The evaluation used a variety of methods to address questions about learning and teaching with hypermedia and to guide the development of early versions of the system. Results illustrate that such environments offer potential for accelerating learning; for supporting new types of learning and teaching; that students and instructors must develop new strategies for learning and teaching with such technology; and that institutions must develop infrastructural support for such technology. The results also illustrate the importance of well-designed interfaces and different types of assignments on user performance.
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