Potter, R.
April 1993
Video in ACM INTERCHI 93 Video Program (Amsterdam, Netherlands, April 24-29, 1993), video available through ACM SIGGRAPH Video Review, issue 88-89. A one page summary also appears in INTERCHI 93 Proceedings, 530. Video also available through HCIL as part of the 1992 HCIL Video Report.
Accessing data is a critical challenge for users who write programs to process data already stored in the computer. This data access challenge is particularly acute for end-user programming because the users' data often exists in applications like word processors, drawing editors, and spreadsheet applications whose internal workings are unknown to the users. Regardless of how easy their programming system is to use or how skilled they are at using it (whether it be C, PASCAL, keyboard macro, or programming by demonstration), the system is of no use if it cannot access the data of interest. This challenge will be all the more frustrating to users when the data is clearly represented on the computer display but cannot be accessed.
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