Oard, D., Marchionini, G.
May 1996
Appeared as The State of the Art in Text Filtering in User Modeling and User Adapted Interaction, 7(3)141-178, 1997.
HCIL-96-10, CS-TR-3643, CAR-TR-830, EE TR-96-25, CLIS TR-96-02
This report develops a conceptual framework for text filtering practice and research, and reviews present practice in the field. Text filtering is an information seeking process in which documents are selected from a dynamic text stream to satisfy a relatively stable and specific information need. A model of the information seeking process is introduced and specialized to define information filtering. The historical development of text filtering is then reviewed and case studies of recent work are used to highlight important design characteristics of modern text filtering systems. Specific techniques drawn from information retrieval, user modeling, machine learning and other related fields are described, and the report concludes with observations on the present state of the art and implications for future research on text filtering.
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