Tanin, E., Beigel, R., Shneiderman, B.
Workshop on New Paradigms in Information Visualization and Manipulation, Fifth ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM '96) (Rockville, MD, Nov. 16, 1996) 12-15. Also in SIGMOD Record, Vol. 25, No. 4 (21-24), December 1996 [Published Version]
HCIL-96-18, CS-TR-3730, ISR-TR-97-5
Dynamic query interfaces are a recently developed form of database access that provides continuous realtime feedback to the user during the query formulation process. Previous work shows that DQIs are an elegant and powerful interface to small databases. Unfortunately, when applied to large databases, previous DQI algorithms slow to a crawl. We present a new approach to DQI algorithms that works well with large databases.
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