Stewart, J., Bederson, B., Druin, A.
December 1998
Proceedings of CHI'99, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, May 15-20, 1999, ACM, New York, 286-293.
HCIL-98-14, CS-TR-3966, UMIACS-98-75
We introduce a model for supporting collaborative work between people that are physically close to each other. We call this model Single Display Groupware (SDG). In this paper, we describe this model, comparing it to more traditional remote collaboration. We describe the requirements that SDG places on computer technology, and our understanding of the benefits and costs of SDG systems. Finally, we describe a prototype SDG system that we built and the results of a usability test we ran with 60 elementary school children.

Keywords: CSCW, Single Display Groupware, children, educational applications, input devices, Pad++, KidPad.

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