Cailleteau, L.
September 1999
(Summer Project report)
Dynamic queries and starfield displays have been developed at the University of Maryland to facilitate access to database information. Dynamic queries apply direct manipulation to querying. The world of objects and the world of actions are visible on the screen and controls provide immediate, continuous and reversible feedback to users as they formulate their query. My six-month project had two components: (1) the development of a Java implementation of a dynamic query and starfield display interface, and (2) the investigation of the visualization of multi-valued and range-valued attribute data. This was the most novel aspect of this project. This work was conducted at the Human Computer Interaction Laboratory at the University of Maryland. It was part of a larger project sponsored by NASA whose goal was to design and develop user interfaces helping scientists locate data of interest in the large NASA archives. After the review of previous work, the user interface and data architecture of StarDOM (Starfield Dynamic Object Miner) is presented. Time experiments are described and possible improvements are discussed.
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