2018 Symposium Program

NOTE: The Symposium program may change prior to the finalization of the agenda.

8:15 – 9:00 Registration & Breakfast
9:00 – 10:15 Plenary Talks

Welcome Address
Niklas Elmqvist, Director of Human-Computer
Interaction Lab
Laurie Locascio, Vice President for Research of
the University of Maryland
Keith Marzullo, Professor and Dean of the
College of Information Studies
35 Years of the HCIL Symposium
Niklas Elmqvist, Director of HCIL
Ben Shneiderman, Professor at the Department
of Computer Science
Catherine Plaisant, Senior Research Scientist at
the UMD Institute for Advanced Computer
Ben Bederson, Professor and Associate Provost
of the Teaching and Learning Transformation
Allison Druin, Professor Emerita
at the College of Information Studies
Jen Golbeck, Professor at the College of
Information Studies
Mona Leigh Guha, Director of the UMD Center
for Young Children
The Frontier of Privacy and Manipulation Online
Jennifer Golbeck, Professor of the College of
Information Studies
10:15 – 10:30 Break
10:30 – 11:45 Keynote Talks:

Designs of Waiting: Delay, Latency, and the User Experience
Jason Farman
What Patients Share, What Doctors Want them to Share: Patient-Generated Data in the Clinic
Eun Kyoung Choe
Back to the Future: How People Construct New Creative Ideas from Old Knowledge, and How Technology can Help
Joel Chan
Full-Day Tutorial

Introduction to Usability Testing
Bill Killam
10:30 AM – 4:45 PM
11:45 – 1:00 Lunch
1:00 – 2:45 Security & Privacy

Exploring Educational Messages in End-to-End Encryption
Wei Bai
User Comfort with Android Background Resource Accesses in Different Contexts
Seth Rabin

Human-Computer Interaction

CoBlox: Making Industrial Robotics Programming Accessible to All
David Weintrop
Time for Break: Understanding Information Workers’ Sedentary Behavior Through a Break Prompting System
Yuhan Luo, Bongshin Lee, Donghee Yvette Wohn, Amanda L. Rebar, David E. Conroy, Eun Kyoung Choe
Training Citizen Scientists to Appraise Qualitative Impact on Watersheds in StreamBED VR
Alina Striner & Jenny Preece
Visual Analytics & Visualization

Prescriptive Analytics: From Data to Action
Catherine Plaisant, Fan Du, Ben Shneiderman
Data-Driven Storytelling
Zhenpeng Zhao, Niklas Elmqvist
Face to Face: Evaluating Visual Comparison
Brian Ondov
Evaluating Information Visualization in Virtual Reality with Economists Using ImAxes
Andrea Batch, Andrew Cunningham, Maxime Cordeil, Tim Dwyer, and Niklas Elmqvist
An Embarrassment of Riches: Inconsistent and Overlapping Ontologies for Coded Data Analytics
Sigfried Gold & Niklas Elmqvist
Full Day Tutorial (cont’d)

Introduction to Usability Testing
Bill Killam
10:30 AM – 4:45 PM

Half-Day Tutorials

Cognitive Science in HCI
Tim Clausner
1:00 PM – 4:45 PM
Visual Design for Interaction Bootcamp
Liese Zahabi
1:00 PM – 4:45 PM

Half-Day Workshops

Design Thinking / Design Techniques
Tamara Clegg, Elizabeth Bonsignore, Evan Golub, et al.
1:00 PM – 4:45 PM
Building Community Partnerships for Aging Research
Amanda Lazar & Eun Kyoung Choe
1:00 PM – 4:45 PM
2:45 – 3:00 Break
3:00 – 4:45 Accessibility & Inclusion

Lowering the Entry Bar for Inclusion: Making Interfaces Easier for All
Gregg Vanderheiden & Bern Jordan
Co-Design of an Augmented Reality Magnification Aid for Low Vision Users
Lee Stearns
What Blind User Trajectories Tell Us About the Environmental Factors in Indoor Navigation
Hernisa Kacorri


To Share, or Not to Share? Community-Level Collaboration in Open Innovation Contests
Yla Tausczik, Ping Wang


Taking Prototyping to the 360th Degree
Evan Golub
Visual Analytics & Visualization, cont.

Analyzing the Evolution of Relationships with Dynamic Hypergraphs
Catherine Plaisant, Paola Valdivia, Paolo Buono, and Jean-Daniel Fekete
ATOM: A Grammar for Unit Visualizations
Deokgun Park

Social Media

Exploring Practices on the Move: Facilitating Learning Across a Neighborhood
Lautaro Cabrera, June Ahn, Jason Yip, Tamara Clegg, Kenna Hernly, Elizabeth Bonsignore, Caroline Pitt, Daniel Pauw
Designing to Illuminate Children’s Scientific Funds of Knowledge Through Social Media Sharing
Kelly Mills, Elizabeth Bonsignore, Tammy Clegg, June Ahn, Jason Yip, Kenna Hernly, LC Cabrera, Caroline Pitt
Full Day Tutorial (cont’d)

Half-Day Tutorials (cont’d)

Half-Day Workshops (cont’d)

4:45 – 6:00 Demo & Poster Session

Visualization of Ranked Lists
Pranathi Mylavarapu
Information Olfaction: Harnessing Scent to Convey Data
Biswaksen Patnaik, Andrea Batch & Niklas Elmqvist
ConceptVector: User Driven Text Mining
Deokgun Park
Science Everywhere and NatureNet: Place-based Display
Daniel Pauw
#HandsOffMyADA: A Twitter Response to the ADA Education and Reform Act
Brooke Auxier
Vistrates: Shareable Dynamic Media for Visual Analytics
Andreas Mathisen
Multi-Display Environments for Visual Data Exploration
Tom Horak
The Impact of Group Size on the Discovery of Hidden Profiles in Crowds
Xiaoyun Huang
Will Too Many Editors Spoil the Tag? Conflicts and Alignment in Q&A Categorization
Joohee Choi
Kids Training Al: Exploring Interactions with a Teachable Machine
Jaina Gandhi & Raj Parikh
Object Recognition for the Blind: Using First-Person Vision
Kyungjun Lee
Promoting Data Science for Accessibility with Publicly Available Datasets
Mayanka Jha & Riya Chanduka
Understanding User Tradeoffs for Search in Encrypted Communication
Ciara Lynton
Does that Make Sense to You? First Steps Toward Evaluating the Quality of Security & Privacy Advice
Everest Liu
Intelligent Interface to Help Blind Users Train a Personalized Object Recognizer
Jonggi Hong & Jaina Gandhi


Past Symposia

Schedules and workshop information for past HCIL symposia are available here.

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June, 2000

16th Annual Symposium

Thursday, June 17 – Friday, June 18, 1999

15th Annual Symposium

Thursday, May 29, 1998

14th Annual Symposium

Friday, May 30, 1997

13th Annual Symposium

Friday, June 7, 1996


Registration Now Open!

Register here for the 35th Annual Symposium.

Registration Information

Registration includes breakfast, lunch, and symposium materials, as well as any talks, tutorials and workshops you choose to attend.

  • Industry/Government/Non-UMD Faculty:$190
  • UMCP Faculty & Staff:$115
  • Full-Time Student: $35 (with valid student ID)
  • Press: Free (if covering the event)

Groups of 3 or more attendees from the same organization can qualify for a 10% discount, if registration is completed at the same time.

Symposium Talks, Tutorials, and Workshops

Sessions run in parallel. Please refer to the program for more details.

Tutorial and workshop spaces are limited and must be reserved. Some workshop registrations may require prior authorization from the workshop organizer. Please check the description for more details.

Payment Information

We accept payment by credit card or check made payable to “University of Maryland”.


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Air Travel  | Hotel Recommendations

Air Travel

The University of Maryland is served by three major airports:  Baltimore-Washington International (BWI), Reagan Washington National (DCA), and Washington Dulles (IAD) with BWI being the most convenient for getting to campus.

Baltimore-Washington International (BWI)

Located just outside Baltimore, this airport is approximately 25 miles north of College Park. Driving time is approximately 35 minutes.

MARC Train service is available from the BWI Rail Station to College Park.

Metrorail bus service is available from BWI airport. Take the B30 bus from outside the airport to Greenbelt Metro station. Then either take the C2 Metro bus to UMD campus, or enter the Metro station and take the Green line 1 stop to the College Park Metro station. To get from the College Park Metro station to campus, follow remaining directions above under Directions by Train.

Super Shuttle is also a convenient option.

Taxi service from the airport to campus will cost approximately $45.00.

Reagan Washington National (DCA)

Located in Arlington, Virginia, this airport is located about 15 miles south of College Park. Travel can be slow through downtown Washington, D.C. during rush hours; approximate driving time is 40 minutes.

You can take the Metrorail from the airport. Take the Yellow Line (toward Mt. Vernon Square), transferring to the Green Line (toward Greenbelt), and get off at College Park/U of MD station. Follow remaining directions above under Directions by Train.

Super Shuttle is also a convenient option.

Taxi service from the airport to campus will cost approximately $50.00.

Washington Dulles International (IAD)

Located near Herndon, Virginia, this airport is about 35 miles southwest of College Park. Driving time is approximately one hour.

The 5A Metro bus will take you from Dulles airport to L’Enfant Plaza Metro station. From there you will take the Green Line (toward Greenbelt), to College Park/U of MD station. Follow remaining directions above under Directions by Train to get from the College Park Metro station to campus.

Super Shuttle is also a convenient option.

Taxi service from the airport to campus will cost approximately $60.00.

Hotel Recommendations

The following hotels are recommended by HCIL members.

College Park Marriott Hotel & Conference Center

University of Maryland University College
Marriott Conference Centers
3501 University Blvd.
Adelphi, MD  20783
(301) 985-7303


6400 Ivy Lane
Greenbelt, MD  20770
(301) 441-3700

Hampton Inn, College Park

670 Baltimore Avenue,
College Park, Maryland,
United States 20740
Tel: +1-301-345-2200
Fax: +1-301-345-7201

Courtyard by Marriott

6301 Golden Triangle Dr.
Greenbelt, MD 20740
(301) 441-3311

Quality Inn & Suites

7200 Baltimore Ave.
College Park, MD 20740
(301) 864-5820

Holiday Inn Express & Suites

9020 Baltimore Ave
College Park, MD, US,
20740 Phone: (301) 441-8110
Fax: (301) 474-7725


All symposium activities will take place in the Computer Science Instructional Center (CSIC) on the University of Maryland Campus:

Computer Science Instructional Center
Building 406, Paint Branch Drive
College Park MD 20742-3289



How to get to CSIC from the Route 1 Main Campus Entrance:

After entering campus on Campus Drive, make your first right onto Paint Branch Drive. Pass the construction. CSIC is on your right, toward the back between the Wind tunnel and AV Williams.

Click on the map for larger image

Parking Info:
Free parking is available in Lots 9, and 11, which are about a 10-minute walk from the CSIC building.  You can route to the free Lot 11 using your GPS. You wont need a permit to park there on the day of the symposium May 24, 2018. Faculty/Staff lots and meters are enforced as usual. Should lots 9, and 11 be full, we recommend using the paid parking or driving to a farther away free parking lot (i.e. all numbered lots except 5 or 19 – see campus parking map)

Paid parking is available on the roof of the REGENTS Drive Visitor Parking Garage for about $15/day.  To get directions route your GPS to 1997 Field House Dr. College Park.
Go to the roof. Remember your parking space number, so you can pay at the machine.
There is also a tiny meter pay lot closer to CSIC but with only about 10 spots so it will fill up right away.

Using Metro: Use the College Park metro station on the Green Line – toward Greenbelt. Exit on the East side and look for a red UMd Shuttle bus (#104).  Get off the bus at the 1st stop after you cross Route 1 and enter enter campus.  The shuttle may comes less often since it is the summer break so count 15-30 min to get to CSIC.