University of Maryland

Research Sponsorship

The HCIL is also a vibrant place for industry to create research partnerships with our faculty.  Often these partnerships come in two forms: Formal Research and Visits to the HCIL. Please contact for more information.

Formal Research

We welcome inquiries from industry about partnering with our faculty to develop new research and products. These arrangements are often arranged by first, personally contacting relevant faculty researchers, and if a partnership is developed, to make formal arrangements through the Office of Research Administration (see here for more information). Companies that partner with HCIL researchers can take advantage of many benefits including:

  • The scholarly expertise present in our lab and campus
  • Access to startup grants from UMD and the state of Maryland that are focused on university-industry partnership teams
  • Increased visibility as an employer for students, and as a leader in university partnerships
  • Research that can directly benefit your corporate objectives

Our faculty have partnered with a variety of industry partners, such as Ben Shneiderman and Catherine Plaisant’s work with Oracle:

Visits to the HCIL

We also welcome financial gifts to support the HCIL. We often plan and arrange for customized visits, tours, and other benefits for substantial supporters (e.g., gifts >=$50,000) that includes:

  • One day customized visit to the HCIL by your organization
  • Receive copies of all technical reports
  • Free attendance at the Annual Symposium
  • Opportunity to interview students early for hiring
  • Preferential treatment in licensing
  • Listing as an HCIL sponsor, and featured spots on the HCIL website and materials
  • Customized visits by an HCIL faculty member to your organization for presentations and consultation on projects
  • Invitation to send employees and staff as an Industry Visitor to the HCIL for up to one year
  • And other customized arrangements that can be made