EventAction: Visual Analytics for Temporal Event Sequence Recommendation


EventAction is a prescriptive analytics interface designed to present and explain recommendations of temporal event sequences. EventAction provides a visual analytics approach to (1) identify similar records, (2) explore potential outcomes, (3) review recommended temporal event sequences that might help achieve the users’ goals, and (4) interactively assist users as they define a personalized action plan associated with a probability of success. EventAction’s usage scenarios include student advising, treatment formulating, customer retention, and sports coaching.



     Case studies:

Demo Videos

Video demonstrating the final version of the EventAction system:
Videos showing the EventAction system and recommendation workflow (also see our VAST’16 paper):
Videos demonstrating PeerFinder, a visual interface that enables users to find and explore records that are similar to a seed record (also see our CHI’17 paper):


EventAction is now available for licensing. If you have data that you would like to analyze with EventAction, please contact plaisant@cs.umd.edu with a description of your project.
We may be able to share the software with you for academic research.

Press Kit

The press kit includes EventAction-related papers, figures, posters, and videos.

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