CoCo: A Visual Analytics Tool for Comparing Cohorts of Event Sequences



CoCo is a visual analytics tool that enables users to compare two sets of temporal sequence data. It combines automated statistical tests with user-guidance to enable insights, hypothesis generation, and much more. Users see (1) statistics about their dataset, (2) event-level statistics, and (3) a menu of metrics. CoCo displays significance tests in a unified form for measures such as prevalence and duration of gaps.



  • Ebere Onukwugha, University of Maryland School of Pharmacy
  • Rachel Webman, Children’s National Medical Center
  • Leah Macfadyen, University of British Columbia
  • Margret Bjarnadottir, University of Maryland, Robert H. Smith School of Business
  • Eunyee Koh, Adobe Research



We gratefully acknowledge the partial funding provided by Oracle Corporation, Adobe Systems, and the University of Maryland/Empowering the State through the Center for Health-related Informatics and Bioimaging.


We can provide you with a review version of CoCo:

    • For non-commercial use: please contact with a description of your project and organization.
    • For commercial use: EventFlow is available for licensing. To request a review copy of CoCo and for more information about licensing please contact:
      Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC)
      2130 Mitchell Building, University of Maryland,
      College Park, MD 20742
      Phone: 301-405-3947 | Fax: 301-314-9502
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