Getting Value

The HCIL works closely with sponsors to develop relationships that mutually benefit our industry partners and also enrich the research done in the lab. We are deeply appreciative of our industry sponsors whose support enriches the research we do in the lab and also supports the education of our graduate students.

There are several ways to sponsor the lab, and interested parties should contact

Annual Symposium Sponsors

Our most popular sponsorship option is to support the Annual HCIL Symposium. Sponsors receive a variety of benefits including:

  • Free registrations for you and your staff/employees to the Annual Symposium
  • Advertisement and placement of your logo on our advertisements, marketing materials, and website; acknowledgment for your sponsorship
  • First look at emerging research coming out of the lab
  • Early opportunities to meet and hire students from HCIL

Research Sponsors

Our faculty have also worked with industry partners who fund major research projects. Depending on the size and scope of joint research projects, industry partners can benefit from:

  • Knowledge Transfer to leverage HCIL research for the development of products and services, and preferential treatment in licensing arrangements with the University of Maryland
  • Opportunities for university grants that incentivize industry-university partnerships
  • Customized visits, cooperative work arrangements (e.g., sending employees to work at HCIL for periods of time)
  • Advertisement placement on marketing materials and acknowledgement of sponsor status
  • Early opportunities to work closely with and hire students from HCIL
  • Free registration for the Annual Symposium
  • Copies of all technical reports from the research project

Industry Visitors

Finally, the HCIL has a long history of hosting industry visitors. Sponsors can send employees or staff to work at, and be embedded in HCIL, for extended periods of time can benefit from:

  • University Infrastructure including office space, technology infrastructure, and being a part of the HCIL culture and day-to-day activities
  • Opportunities to audit/take courses and expand one’s skill set
  • Cooperative research with a faculty host to further projects that benefit the industry partner
  • Free registration for the Annual Symposium
  • Advertisement placement on marketing materials and acknowledgement of sponsor status