Markowitz, E., Bernstam, E., Herskovic, J., Zhang, J., Shneiderman, B., Plaisant, C., Johnson, T.
April 2011
Published in: AMIA Annual Symp Proc. (2011) 878-87 [Published Version]
Medication errors can result from administration inaccuracies at any point of care and are a major cause for concern. To develop a successful MR tool, we believe it necessary to build a Work Domain Ontology (WDO) for the MR process. A WDO defines the explicit, abstract, implementation-independent description of the task by separating the task from work context, application technology, and cognitive architecture. We developed a prototype based upon the WDO and designed to adhere to standard principles of interface design. The prototype was compared to Legacy Health System’s and PAML Builder MR tools via a KLM analysis for three MR tasks. The analysis found the prototype requires the fewest mental operations, completes tasks in the fewest steps, and completes tasks in the least amount of time. Accordingly, we believe that developing a MR tool, based upon the WDO and user interface guidelines, improves user efficiency and reduces cognitive load.
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