Khurana, U., Nguyen, V., Cheng, H., Ahn, J., Chen, X., Shneiderman, B.
June 2011
To appear in Proc. IEEE Conference on Social Computing 2011 (October 2011, Boston, MA), IEEE Press, Piscataway, NJ.
We present NetEvViz, a visualization tool for analysis and exploration of a dynamic social network. There are plenty of visual social network analysis tools but few provide features for visualization of dynamically changing networks featuring the addition or deletion of nodes or edges. Our tool extends the codebase of the NodeXL template for Microsoft Excel, a popular network visualization tool. The key features of this work are (1) The ability of the user to specify and edit temporal annotations to the network components in an Excel sheet, (2) See the dynamics of the network with multiple graph metrics plotted over the time span of the graph, called the Timeline, and (3) Temporal exploration of the network layout using an edge coloring scheme and a dynamic Timeslider. The objectives of the new features presented in this paper are to let the data analysts, computer scientists and others to observe the dynamics or evolution in a network interactively. We presented NetEvViz to five users of NodeXL and received positive responses.
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